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I’m a female personal trainer with many years experience helping women enjoy movement and exercise. I have often felt, that I don’t fit in…but it is for a good reason.

I don’t believe in working towards a stylised vision of physical perfection, with a no pain no gain attitude and huge emphasis on weight loss, meal plans and food restrictions. Many years of experience has taught me that this fails to create sustainable change. This focus on being super thin and an ‘ideal form’ is unobtainable for so many women. This leads to a destructive and negative self-image and a pattern of yo-yo dieting and exercise.

I believe in finding pleasure in movement, eating food that makes you feel good, so you can be your best self. I believe in living well because of how it makes you feel and the positive effect this has on your mental, as well as your physical, health.

I have learned that the focus should always be on enjoyment. Learning to actually enjoy movement, so you can consistently do it, is the best way to kick-start a positive change, towards a healthy and balanced life. 

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  1. Enjoy Movement – embrace movement, how it makes you feel and how it energises you

  2. Enjoy Outdoors – enjoy nature and the positive impact it has on mental well-being

  3. Enjoy Balance – forget good and bad, enjoy the diversity that life offers

  4. Enjoy Inclusivity – movement is for everybody, and no one should feel they don’t ‘fit’

  5. Enjoy Feeling it – embrace feeling good, being energised and enjoying what makes you feel good

  6. Enjoy Real Food – lots of plant-based foods, no food group exclusions or unnecessary supplements


I have industry recognised qualifications in:

  • Client psychology and motivation

  • Exercise, nutrition and weight managament

  • GP referrals – working with special populations (obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, hypertension, arthritis, back pain, COPD, hypercholesterolemia)

  • Ricky Hatton Boxing for Fitness Instructor

  • Pre-natal and post-natal exercise

  • Childhood nutrition and obesity

  • Sports nutrition

  • ViPR (loaded movement training)

  • First aid qualified

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I specialise in the following areas

  • Coaching women who ‘don’t enjoy’ exercise or feel they’ve never really found their fitness mojo, to feel supported and encouraged to embrace movement.  To help them enjoy exercise so they are fitter, stronger and more energised for life, to make them feel welcome and included in a fitness environment so it becomes a sustainable choice. If you’re not a natural gym bunny and the thought of getting lycra on fills you with dread, I can definitely help you.