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Enjoy Boxing for Feel Good Fitness

Boxing is one of my favourite ways to exercise. I love the way it challenges you physically and mentally, in a really fun way.  The vast majority of my clients agree with me and it’s a highlight for many in personal training sessions. In the last few years there’s been a huge rise in the number and type of boxing classes on offer, and this diversity is a great thing as it means there’s something for everyone.  There are a multitude of classes and styles but group classes generally fall into two styles.   

The kind of boxing I teach at Enjoy Training is boxing for fitness and involves contact.  It’s the kind I love to teach and do myself.  This is always done with a partner where one of you wears boxing gloves and the other wears focus pads.  You and your partner alternate between wearing the boxing gloves and the focus pads, so one of you throws the punches and the other catches them.   You work together through a series of boxing moves and combinations, generally mixed with cardio and strength exercises, to complete a fantastic workout, which leaves you physically and mentally challenged but ready for anything!   It’s a high energy class and it feels great to actually make contact and punch some stress away.  A tip though, if you’re using pads and gloves in a gym, buy some white cotton inner gloves.  It’s really unpleasant putting your hands inside someone else’s sweaty gloves (or pads) but if you’ve got your own inners you wear those and then wash them after every use.  Find them on Amazon.  If you come to my classes, I provide them anyway. 

 The other style is non-contact and choreographed to music.  You follow an Instructor through a choreographed class of boxing combinations and exercises   No gloves are required although hand weights can be used.  If you like exercise to music style classes then this is a good option for you.  This is a high energy class, requiring some coordination.  As it is non-contact, it’s a better option if you have arthritis, osteoporosis or any wrist issues. 

 Boxing really is a fabulous, enjoyable physical activity and it has some major health benefits:

 ·       An intense cardio workout, so it’s great for heart and lung health.

·       Strengthens bones and muscles, particularly upper body, core and gluts. 

·       Improves balance and coordination

·       It’s mentally challenging, you have to focus 100%, so it is great for minds too.

·       It lifts your mood and leaves you feeling ready for anything!

·       It’s a great stress reliever

 If you’re nervous about trying something new just get in touch. I offer 30-minute one to one coaching sessions so you can learn the basics or hone your skills. I always provide a variety of options for different levels, within my classes so you won’t get left behind. Find out more about BOXING SESSIONS NOW