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The Enjoy Movement Philosophy


If you are one of my clients, you’ll know this kind of statement really winds me up.  We all know strategies such as these don’t work to help you make sustainable changes. More worrying, I think, is the negative impact this kind of behaviour has on your self-esteem.   I’d like to share my philosophy for enjoying movement and how to have a positive relationship with exercise.   

My philosophy has evolved over the last ten years since qualifying as a PT and is a result of a combination of personal experience, qualifications, research and many years of working as a personal trainer.  This experience has given me a really privileged insight and has shaped how I approach my work and indeed, my own personal life.

My clients know that I am not keen on fitness messages that make exercise solely about weight loss or body transformations. I really struggle with adverts and trainers encouraging bikini bodies, quick fixes for weight loss or really anything that focuses on the aesthetic as the primary goal. I don’t believe in diets and anything that makes you restrict and obsess about food.  This includes detoxes, juice cleanses, no carb and food group restrictions.   

If you are in this mindset pattern, it’s extremely difficult to change. It’s often created over a lifetime and is reinforced by society. However, I think it’s important to try.  Weight loss goals create obsessions with food and exercise.  Have we had a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food day, did we work hard enough in that exercise class in order to burn enough calories or feel the burn tomorrow? 

I believe we must change this focus.  The exercise and food binge/restrict cycle doesn’t create a sustainable and positive relationship with exercise; seriously complicates our relationship with food and loses sight of all the wonderfully positive benefits exercise and great food give us. The benefits of exercise go far deeper than weight loss and looking good, yet, despite a movement against them, they’re still the prevailing message.  

The narrative in the fitness industry (and society) needs to change.  I want to be a part of that change and The Enjoy Movement is my attempt to do so. I may be doing it in my small local way, but small steps forward are a good start.  

Join #theenjoymovement and let’s embrace moving because it makes us feel good.