Why work with a female personal trainer? 

 Many of my clients, both men and women, have specifically wanted a female personal trainer.  I don’t think this is because women are better PT’s than men, there’s just a perception that female personal trainers are less intimidating.  

I thought I’d canvass some opinion and see why else people like working with a female trainer.  

Here’s some of the feedback I received: 

·     It’s easier to connect with a woman and consequently feel relaxed and comfortable.

·     Women know women – we can understand how hormones impact our moods and energy levels, for example. 

·     Women are less intimidating and there’s none of the male bravado that can sometimes creep in with a male PT.

·     Women more often understand the complex relationship many of us have with food and exercise.  They’ve probably had similar challenges themselves.   

·     Having a female personal trainer means feeling comfortable and safe, particularly if they are coming into your home.

These are all very valid reasons for wanting a female personal trainer. 

However, one of the most fundamental things to a great experience is to choose a personal trainer that you connect with. Someone that understands your motivations but also recognises your challenges. 

It’s important to find a trainer who has your best interests at heart and will solely focus on you, in the time you’re together.   All the technical brilliance can’t make up for a lack of great customer service and it’s fundamental to really put the client at the centre of everything. 

 I’d love to hear your thoughts, what makes for a great personal trainer? Please share in the comments below.