Lunchtime Salad Inspo


I’m normally on my own at lunch time.  It’s a great time for me to eat exactly what I like and not have to please anyone else! 

My main priority is to have something with great nutritional value that is light. I’m often at a desk in the afternoons and I struggle to stay awake if I have anything too stodgy. 

The key for me is to have core ingredients in the fridge or cupboard all the time.  Then I can just grab the ingredients, mix them up in a big bowl, chuck them into a dish and eat!  

I also make enough to put in the fridge, so the next day’s lunch is already prepped and just needs eating.  

Here are some ideas based on my favourites.  


Quinoa and Roasted Veg

Open a packet of pre-cooked quinoa, throw together with some pre-roasted veg* and a few salad leaves then add in some pre-cooked chicken*.  

No need for any oil as the veg is already quite oily. 

*I’ll make this if I have left over chicken from a roast.  You can buy pre-prepped veg for roasting at home or do your own (red pepper, courgette, red onion, garlic, tomatoes).  I would roast the veg in advance when I was cooking dinner another night or get out of the freezer from a previous bulk cook. 


Falafel, spinach and thinly shaved courgette, lemon juice and olive oil.

Use a veg peeler to slice the courgette long ways into thin strips.  Mix with raw baby spinach leaves, some olive oil, lemon juice. Leave for a few minutes to soften a little then grate some parmesan on top.  I’ve added falafel and some hummus but you could sprinkle with a little feta or have it with grilled chicken or halloumi if you wanted something more substantial. 


Spinach, Beetroot, Chickpeas and Feta

Open a bag of raw baby spinach, throw together with grated raw beetroot, feta and chickpeas.  Mix with a little olive oil and lots of black pepper.