Personal Training

These sessions are just you and me* and are created with your needs in mind.

You will finish each session feeling energised and grow stronger, fitter and more confident in how you move your body.

It’s important to recognise your progress, and see the massive impact movement has on your mental and physical wellbeing. 

All these packages include:

  • A physical and lifestyle assessment to understand your current situation.

  • Goal setting so we can be clear on what changes you’d like to make and I can build a bespoke programme accordingly.

  • Nutrition advice and coaching that works for you and your life (so no restrictive meal plans or food group exclusions).

  • Genuinely fun, enjoyable effective sessions that encourage you to make exercise a sustainable part of your life.

*If you’d like to move with a friend just let me know, we’ll make this work for you both. Mixing movement with socialising is great motivation.

  • One session = £45

  • Block of 5 or 10 sessions = £40