The Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer


I love this book for its really simple recipes and the fact that there’s minimal washing up, as all the recipes are one dish.  I also love it because it’s easy to tweak the recipes slightly to take into account all the different likes and dislikes in the family.  

Here I share one of the recipes from this book.  I made a few tweaks. I toned down the spice a little for my youngest child, cooked a load of green beans on the side (I’m always thinking how to pack in more veg) and added some new potatoes in case anyone turned their noses up at the sweet potato. 

Spicy Chipotle Chicken with sweet potato wedges and coriander and lime yoghurt 

800g free-range chicken wings

800g sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into 2.5cm wedges (I through in a few handfuls of baby new potatoes too)

2 tsp chipotle chilli flakes 

1 tsp smoked paprika 

1 tbsp dark brown sugar 

3 tablespoons olive oil 

Half a lime- zest and juice 

4-5 tbsps Greek yogurt 

A handful of fresh coriander leaves chopped 

Fresh coriander leaves and lime wedges to serve 

1 - Pre heat the oven to 150 fan/170 C/gas mark 3.  Place the chicken wings and sweet potato wedges (and new pots) into a large roasting tin.  Mix together the chippotle flakes, smoked paprika, dark brown sugar, olive oil and lime zest and juice. 

2 - Pour the chipotle mixture over the chicken and potatoes and mix well with your hands to coat evenly. Transfer to the oven and roast for 40 minutes. 

3 - Turn heat up to 180 fan/200 C/gas mark 6 and roast for a further 20 minutes to crisp up the chicken skin.

4 - Meanwhile mix together the yogurt, chopped coriander, lime zest and juice and a pinch of sea salt and set aside and steam some green beans. 

5 - Sprinkle the crispy chicken wings and wedges with the coriander leaves and serve with lime wedges and the yoghurt dip and beans alongside.