What is your core anyway?  


Many people believe that a strong core is all about the abs, but there are many more muscles involved in a strong, well-functioning core that serves you well in your daily life.    

Your core is the foundation of all your movement (as the name suggests) and so the better functioning your core, the better functioning your movement generally and the more protected you are from injury.   

Your core is made up a number of muscles that connect and work together and a good training programme will focus on all of them. 

Your core muscles do include your abs (six pack) but also include deeper muscles in and around your trunk, which include your back. You probably don’t need to know the names of these muscles (unless you’re particularly interested in anatomy!), but great to have an understanding that it’s important to work this entire group of muscles.  This will result in better balance and coordination, good posture and help you to improve performance in any sports or exercise activities you do. 

Your core is in use all the time, through your daily activities.  It’s engaged when you bend over to pick something off the floor or to turn around to look behind you or to get in and out of the bath.  I have had many a client tell me they have a weak back but once we improve their core strength and function, the back issues disappear. 

The lesson here is that a comprehensive and balanced approach to working our core leads to a strong and mobile body.  Next time you’re moving around the house or in an exercise class try and tune in with what your core is doing, what muscles can you feel working?   

If you want to improve you core strength pop along to one of my classes and you’ll do a variety of exercises that enhance the way your core functions (although you may not realise it!), enabling you to move well for life.  Also, keep an eye on my blog as I’ll share a variety of exercises to comprehensively and effectively work your core.