What's it like to Enjoy Training?


Lots of women I know think that a session with a Personal Trainer is a necessary evil - something to be nervous about beforehand, endured for an hour, recover from for a few days, before psyching yourself up to do it all again.  I think there’s a common view of what a personal trainer should be like and that PT’s are only for people who are already fit and strong.  In my experience, there are many types of trainers, the important thing is to find the right trainer for you.  The person who you can connect with, who understands you and who motivates, educates and inspires you.

Phoebe came to me as a someone who hadn’t ever really felt comfortable in a gym environment. She had been to yoga and more gentle movement classes, but exercise hadn’t really been a regular part of her life.  I’m sure she thought that a PT wasn’t for her, until we met, and she realised not all PT’s are alike.  I reassured her that whatever level of fitness or experience she had, that was ok.  The aim was to progress from her individual starting point and help her establish a long lasting and positive relationship with exercise.    

If you’re nervous of getting a PT, you’re not sure what it might be like or you think you need to be fit already to get one, then have a read of Phoebe’s exercise diary.

Before my first session...

As I start on this training program I would be lying to not say I’m a little worried, after all it is very scary and a little embarrassing to start getting fit when you are so unfit, however I am also very excited about getting control back and feeling good. 

Session 1…

It’s Friday and I am just relaxing after workout number one and I feel really surprised. I had a lot of fun!! I feel like I have had a good work out, Carole really took into account what I wanted to achieve but also my worry about my asthma.  My work out was designed to push me, not kill me!! I finished my workout and could go to my own shower then crack on with my day – sooo much better than going to a gym.

Week 1…

It’s the end of my first full Enjoy Training week. I have done 2 sessions with Carole and one yoga session as well. I have muscle aches after our session but in a satisfying way. I know I have worked my body.  Also, with the great nutrition advice I feel less bloated.  It is really inspiring to already feel the start of the results.

Carole has been giving me the tools and her very great skill of reading people’s limits makes it all very easy. I now realise Carole’s job isn’t to hurt me, it is to work with me to get me fit. My job is to do the best I can!!

Week 4…

It’s the last day of my foundation sessions and we’re checking in to see my progress. I have worked hard over the last few weeks so I was hopeful that things would go okay but I was delighted by the progress I had made, almost as delighted as Carole herself! I thought at first I was only going to be interested in whether my clothes were looser but I found seeing such big improvements in my fitness and strength really motivating.  I could also feel the positive impact our sessions had on my mood, energy and general mental wellbeing. 

What do I think now…

My message, for others who think you have to start fit to have a personal trainer, is to go for it. My results and enjoyment prove different.  The biggest shock is that I can be one of those people who enjoys exercise! This has made me think I might be able to keep it up long term, so it becomes an important part of my life.

Over the course of 6-9 months Phoebe went on to run a 5k and a 10k, something she thought she would never be able to do.  In my opinion, the key to her success was doing something she enjoyed and focusing on the immediate returns of increased energy and better mood, rather than long terms goals such as fat loss. 

If, like Phoebe, you think you’ll never be able to enjoy exercise, then just take one step and start with something you might get a small amount of enjoyment from.  Take a small step, such as a daily walk and build up gradually from there.  This is a much more successful path to consistently exercising than being super hard core and thinking it’s all or nothing.